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The most popular plants

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With a subtle and pleasant essence.


Drought Evergreen | on Down Under Dreams

This collection is made up of multiple species native to Australia and New Zealand.

The beauty of its leaves gives the collection a great attraction.

Drought Evergreen varieties: Coprosma, cordyline, corokia maori, eucalypthus, phornium.

Mandeville | on Fushion

The world at home. Tropical Coast sells a wide range of varieties of the popular dipladenia brought from all around the world.

Sydney, Osaka, California or Tokyo transfer the peculiarities of each line to our garden: large flowers, striking shapes, high flowering level, mini flowers, similar to orchids, with bright colours and,… above all, resistant to diseases.

Hibiscus | on Fushion

The different varieties of hibiscus distributed by Tropical Coast, take us to the Pacific. Its impressive size and its colours will catch us. And in addition, they will also influence our mood.

The Tropical Coast Hibiscus collection has more than 20 colour references. Discover them all by registering in bloomstore.

Drought Flowers | on Down Under Dreams

This collection is formed by a careful selection of species native to Australia and New Zealand with a common bond: beauty in its flowers.

Drought Flowers varieties: Acacia cognata limelight, adenanthos sericeus, alyogine delightfully, anygozanthus mix, boronia crenulata, correa pulchella, eremophila mix, eriostemum myoporoides, hebe, ozothamnus, pimelea ferruginea, thryptomene saxicola, westringia.


Sello CQPlants - Cultivating Quality Plants

All the plants available in bloomstore are produced by our specialized producers network and are traded under certified brands with the CQPlants seal of quality.

The CQPlants (Cultivating Quality Plants) seal, distinguishes brands with a specific production process and positions them within the ornamental elite, ensuring the consumer a higher quality standard.

Certified brands and concepts

All plants marketed by Tropical Coast and Mediterranean Colors have the guarantee of having been subjected to strict quality controls throughout their development process in the crop and having been selected before their marketing, thus achieving the highest quality.

Innovative concepts such as Fushion, Down Under Dreams, Safari Dreams, Western Desert Dreams, Pacific Vibes , Home Living or Soleandrum, give your plants the highest distinction and design.