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Drought Flowers

on Down Under Dreams

Boronia Crenulata

Aniseed Boronia

Among all the varieties in its Down Under Dreams collection, this plant stands out with small and striking flowers. Impregnates with a pleasant essence all its surroundings.


Emu Bush

A species from Western Australia that is having an increasing impact thanks to its appearance and color. Down Under Dreams includes it in this collection due to its hairy leaves and blue, purple or violet flowers.

What other plants will you find in the Drought Flowers collection of Down Under Dreams.

This collection is made up of multiple species native to Australia and New Zealand.

All of them have a common bond: beauty in their flowers.

Drought Flowers varieties: Acacia cognata limelight, adenanthos sericeus, alyogine delightfully, anygozanthus mix, boronia crenulata, correa pulchella, eremophyla mix, eriostemum myoporoides, hebe, ozotamnus, pimelea ferruginea, thryptomene saxicola, westringia.