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Fushion Mandeville

The world at home

Fushion Mandeville Sydney

Full Sun Resistance

The most Mandeville Collection.

Very resistant to diseases and ideal for very hot areas. The level of flowering and its original color is not usually diminished. Varieties of abundant flowering and the size of the flower is large.

Featured colors: Raspberry, Cascade White, Flaming Red, Blushing Pink and Red Velvet.

Fushion Mandeville Tokyo


Dipladenia Collection of mini flower.

Most varieties have a certain resemblance to Orchids.

Featured colors: Mini Apricot, Mini Orange, Mini Pink and Mini Scarlet.

Fushion Mandeville California


More flowers, more time.

This Dipladenia Collection blooms in unfavorable solar conditions and for a longer period than other Mandevillas. The size of the flowers is medium-large. Stands out the tonality and beauty of its flowers.

Featured colors: Grand Scarlet, Red, White, Pink, Light Pink, Coral Pink, Beauty Pink and Purple.

Fushion Mandeville Osaka

Exotic flowering

The biggest flowers.

Dipladenia collection with large flower varieties and exotic colors. Some of them have the characteristic of blooming in clusters.

Featured colors: Soft Peach, Flat Pink Petal, Petit Yellow, Upright Pink and Carmin Red.