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Why bloomstore?

Quick, reliability, profitability, information and quality.

The best products from the best producers.

Bloomstore selects the best CQPlants (Cultivating Quality Plants), products on a weekly basis, those that provide commercial value to customers.

Preparation and packaging are monitored so that the product meets the agreed standards.

The logistics distribution is organized to ensure the delivery of the product at the customer’s facilities on the agreed delivery date on a continuous, regular and accurate basis.

Continuous communication is maintained with the manufacturer to ensure that the entire chain is properly developed and customer service is revolutionized through permanent feedback, answering questions and queries immediately, with no waiting or telephone calls.

A team of highly trained professionals keeps products constantly updated so that you always receive what you have bought, without surprises.

In bloomstore we only think about the customer, so our goal is that you save time and gain efficiency by making your purchases in 2 clicks, from anywhere, helping you optimize your time and knowing exactly what you are buying.

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Quick orders

  • Creation in a few clicks.
  • Smart generation.
  • Subclient management.
  • Send feedback without waiting to your seller.

Product Reliability

  • Daily update.
  • What you see, is what you receive.
  • Comprehensive monitoring by the seller.


  • Exclusive new products, offers and recommendations.
  • CQPlants product: The highest quality.


  • Updated statistical data.
  • Control of your schedules.
  • Load Closing, Order Status and Download Day Alerts.

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